Clackamas United Soccer club

Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017

Click here to read the Law enstated on February 14, 2018. US Youth Soccer Member Guide/Mandatory Reporter

What are the requirements for NGB's and NGB-Affiliated? (NGB is National Governing Body)

Reporting: A mechanism that allows a complaint to be easily reported for a resonable suspicion of Sexual or Physical abuse/neglect, within a 24-hour period of awareness. Federal regualtions state that reports shold be made to a) local law enforcement and b) local/state child protective services c) US Soccer, and d) the US Center for SafeSport. EVERYONE is a MANDATORY REPORTER.

Mechanism for Reporting: Everyone listed belw MUST be contacted when physical or sexual abuse is suspected.

1. Local Law Enforcement 503-655-8211 non emergency number.

2. Local DHS contact: Clackamas County Dedicated child abuse hotline: 541-757-5019 or Toll Free: 866-303-4643 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm or see to get the number for your county.

3. Oregon Department of Human Services for Clackamas County 503-731-3404 or call 855-503-SAFE (7323)

4. Club Risk Manager Contact Information: Rob Cayton 503-509-1267

5. Oregon Youth Soccer Association: 503-626-4625;

6. National Governing Body (NGB)

US Soccer Integrity Hotline Number 312-528-7004

US SOccer:

US Center for SafeSport: