Our club is operated, managed and supported on a daily basis by our fantastic team of dedicated staff.




Anna Krauss

Interim Registrar
Responsible for all registration and other club management.

email: registrar@clackamasunited.com

Uniform Coordinator
Responsible for all uniform ordering. 

email: uniforms@clackamasunited.com

[TBD] Vacant

Assistant Registrar
Responsible for registration and club management.

[TBD] Vacant

Club Treasurer
Responsible for all accounting and budgets. 

email: treasurer@clackamasunited.com

Amy Pederson

Fields Coordinator
Responsible for practice scheduling and field bookings. 

email: fields@clackamasunited.com

Janelle McCreadie

Equipment Coordinator
Responsible for the ordering and dispersal of all equipment. 

email: equipment@clackamasunited.com

Heather Combs

Referee Coordinator
Responsible for the coordination of all recreational level referees for our club.

The club organizational chart can be found here